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Phinansys Edge - Helping you find the perfect candidates Is your recruiting strategy not working due to: Recruiting team not being BA SMEs themselves Inability to understand project requirements Difficulty in screening and identifying right candidates Introducing Phinansys Edge Explore Edge Phinansys Edge - Helping you find the perfect candidates Is your existing BA framework failing due to: Inefficient templates, procedures and guidelines Ineffective team-spirit and team structure Non-compliance with industry standards and best practices Introducing Phinansys Apex Explore Apex Is your existing BA team not delivering due to Difference between industry expectations and employee knowledge Inefficacy to bridge gaps between BA technical knowledge and domain expertise Lack of professional IIBA BABOK endorsed training Explore Phinansys Upskill Explore Upskill
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BA Managers - Outsourcing

Phinansys Optimum

“Phinansys Optimum” is a program to help project managers outsource business analysis, requirements gathering and related project activities to our professional solutions team which performs all required tasks as per the best industry practices..

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Recruiters & Staffing Agencies

Phinansys Edge

We don’t just help you in hiring but also create customized human capital for you to hire for your clients.

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In-House BA Managers

Phinansys Apex

If you are a financial services company aiming to concentrate on your core competence but if setting up your team is time consuming.

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BA Mentors

Business/Financial Analysis Training

Phinansys, an IIBA endorsed education provider has been involved in training and helping hundreds of candidates attain certification (CBAP) and establish their career in the field of business analysis.

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