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Being an IIBA-EEP equipped with years of experience in corporate training and knowledge management, Phinansys has been contributing to the world of recruiting by providing client-ready human capital to staffing agents, human resource professionals throughout Canada and USA.

What is Phinansys EDGE?

Phinansys Edge is the program we invented to support recruiters in the financial line of business:

As we call ourselves wholesalers of financial BA’s, we accept challenging headhunting requests from recruiters and implementation our recruitment process outsourcing life cycle.

  • Identifying the candidate closest to job requirements & qualifications
  • Interviewing the candidate to identify areas of improvement
  • Identifying and mentoring the right candidate as per IIBA BABOK and Organization’s work procedures
  • Conducting intensive mock interviews to discover and resolve pain points
  • Providing orientation about presentation, interview management skills
  • Coordinating with the hiring manager to arrange candidate interview
  • Providing orientation to the candidate about Client work culture, integrity and work ethics
  • Performing employment and reference checks